Camping w/ a Side of Live Podcast Interview

Peace Ladies..For those new here… those who have been continuing to join me on my journey…Thank you..Join me in a live podcast interview, tomorrow, 9/14, at 11am Est w/ The Neighbor – ish Live Cast, where I’ll be sharing my story: …feeling peaceful as I reminisce on a Rejuvenating #justhergetaway, camping out on theContinue reading “Camping w/ a Side of Live Podcast Interview”

Waterfalls w/ a side of Feature

Peace Ladies..Hoping this reaches each of you in great spirit and health..Join me as I celebrate my recent feature w/ #plantpoweredsistas:…Feeling Recharged as I reminisce on a Refreshing #JustHerGetAway to Cascade Falls at Patapsco Park in I currently deal w/ some self-imposed heartbreak(because I’m no one’s victim), I’ve been reminding myself not toContinue reading “Waterfalls w/ a side of Feature”

Loving the Breeze w/ a Side of Published Story

Peace Ladies..Feeling peaceful as I reminisce on a #JustHerGetAway to another body of water..the breeze was heaven💕Join me as I celebrate: I was invited to submit my story to be published and it went live today✨ Here’s to our Divine Self-Care💕#JustHerGetAway #SelfCare #PeaceOfMind

Concert of Evon w/ a side of Interview

Peace Ladies..Feeling energized as I reminisce on a Musical #JustHerGetAway to an Evon my room, online ( #AnotherGreenLightProduction) 😁Made sure to give myself my sauciest Summertime look to put me in a concert “state of mind”✨Also excited to Finally be able to share that Today, @11:30am Est, 10:30am Central, my interview w/ Chris JamesContinue reading “Concert of Evon w/ a side of Interview”

Goddessey – The Mixtape and The EP – New Release

Peace Ladies..Feeling Super Excited as I reflect on my latest #JustHerGetAway to finish up and release My New Mixtape and EP w/ label GreenLightProductions: Goddessey – The Mixtape Vol. 1: Herstory and Goddessey – The EP Vol. 1: Intentional💞💞💞Hope you enjoy!! #JustHerGetAway #SelfCare #PeaceOfMind

Beach days w/ a side of Depression

Peace Ladies..I’m diagnosed w/ Depression(Anxiety, Bi-Polar and PTSD as well) be completely transparent, I’m in the throes of battling some exhaustive Depression symptoms right now and have been for the last 4 weeks..since making a commitment to myself, at the beginning of this year, to live Crutch Free (Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar Free WholeContinue reading “Beach days w/ a side of Depression”

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